Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 131 Impression Clinical Supplies Sultan® Healthcare Genie® Bite Registration Mint flavored. 2 x 50ml cartridges, 6 mixing tips. Fast Set (0:90) 77640 Super fast set (0:60) 77645 Sultan® Healthcare Genie® Tray Adhesive Liquid polyvinylsiloxane. 14 mL 77100 Heraeus Kulzar Flexitime® VPS Imp. Material Correct Flow - 2 to 1 cartridge - light body. Includes: (2) 50mL cartridges, (6) mixing tips, users guide Ea. 50034806 Refill pack: (12) 50mL cartridges, (6) mixing tips Ea. 66002186 MonoPhase - medium body. Includes: (2) 50mL cartridges, (6) mixing tips, users guide Ea. 50034811 Refill pack: (12) 50mL cartridges, (6) mixing tips Ea. 66002200 Dispensing Gun High performance for VP Ea. VP-8202 Heraeus Kulzar Flexitime® Easy Putty Flexitime® is a vinylpolysiloxane impression material that has a full range of indications and a working time from 1 to 2.5 minutes (total set time 3.5 to 5 minutes). 600 mL tub. Ea. 50034802 Heraeus Kulzar Flexitime® Bite Vinylpolysiloxane bite registration that is scannable for use with CAD system. Ensures efficiency with a set time of only 30 seconds. Bulk pack, 50 mL, 6/box. Ea. 66038751 LuxaBite® Bite Registration LuxaBite is a rigid bisacryl bite registration material that combines superior handling properties and a firmer set to yield the most accurate and stable bite registrations on the market. Kit includes: (1) 50 mL, cartridge, 15 Automix-Tips. Kit 110560 Mixing Tips, 25/pkg. 110609 Dispensing Gun 110411 Sultan® Healthcare Mixing Tips Use with impression material and bite registration. 48/pkg. 4.2 mm x 12 mm (Yellow) 72003 6.5 mm x 12 mm (Green) 72001 Alginate Spatulas Ea. Blue 905SA-2C Yellow 905SA-3C Green 905SA-4C Red 905SA-5C Pink 905SA-6C Purple 905SA-10C Orange 905SA-12C Buffalo Spatulas/ Knives Flexible stainless steel blade permanently riveted to a handrubbed rosewood handle. Ea. 11⁄ 2” Knife (A) 7R 11⁄ 2” Knife (B) 6R 41⁄ 2” (C) 4R 31⁄ 2” (D) 11R DisposaBowl® Disposable Mixing Bowls The disposable mixing bowls will not crack or break. It is microwavable and great for heating very hot water and for mixing resins. Using the disposable mixing bowl keeps plumbing lines clear and saves chair time. 50/pkg. DISPOSABOWL (A) (B) (C) (D)