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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 130 Clinical Supplies Impression Flavors can be added to improve patient acceptance. See our flavors! Kromopan® Alginate KromoPan® has chromatic (color) indicators that tell you how long to spatulate (purple), when to load (pink) and when to insert into the patient’s mouth (white). Total elapsed time from start to finish is just over 1 minute. Impression can be kept over 100 hours without distortion or shrinkage by simply rinsing and enclosing in a plastic bag.20 bags/case. (1) 1lb. bag KRM302 Extra-Fast Set OrthoPrint® Alginate Fast water absorption, highly elastic alginate, easy mixing and homogenous mass, smooth, compact surfaces. Long impression storage at 5 year shelf life. 12 bags/case. (1) 500g bag C302145 Chromatic Alginmax® Alginate Chromatic indication of the working phases for easy and precise results, regardless of water temperature and hardness. Dust-free powder for safe working and cleaning ease. 4 bags/case (4) 1lb. bags 2802/1 Alginmax® Spatula Nylon spatula for alginates. White Ea. 2803/WS Triple Tray® Impression Tray Alginate full-arch closed-mouth impression tray. Simultaneously obtain maxillary and mandibular impressions - plus bite registratioins. Ideal for fabrication of custom trays, tooth whitening trays, temporaries, study models, mouth guards/night guards, removable prosthetics and orthodontics. Can also be used with alginate substitute vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) material. Do not use a heavy body VPS material. 24/box Small (purple) 1006313 Medium (white) 1006323 Large (green) 1006333 Assorted (5 sml., 14 med., 5 lrg.) 1006343 Alginate Flavoring Alginate Flavors make taking an impression more pleasant for the patient. Many patient pleasing flavors to choose from! 2 oz. bottles. Ea. Apple ALFLAP Banana ALFLBN Blueberry ALFLBL Bubblegum ALFLBB Caramel ALFLCA Cherry ALFLCH Chocolate ALFLCT Cinnamon ALFLCN Cola ALFLCO Cookie Dough ALFLCD Cotton Candy ALFLCC Fruit Punch ALFLFP Grape ALFLGR Lemon ALFLLM Orange ALFLOR Peppermint ALFLPP Piña Colada ALFLPC Pineapple ALFLPN Raspberry ALFLRS Root Beer ALFLRB Strawberry ALFLST Watermelon ALFLWM Works Great With All Alginates! Sultan® Healthcare Genie® Impression Material Ultra Hydrophilic Impression Material Extra-Light Body 2-pack berry flavored, 2 x 50mL cartridges, 6 x 4.2mm mixing tips, 6 x intraoral tips. Rapid set (2:10) Ea. 77600 Light Body 2-pack berry flavored, 2 x 50ml cartridges, 6 x 4.2mm mixing tips, 6 x intraoral tips. Rapid set (2:10) Ea. 77610 Regular Body 2-pack berry flavored, 2 x 50ml cartridges, 6 mixing tips. Rapid set (2:10) Ea. 77620 Heavy Body 2-pack berry flavored, 2 x 50ml cartridges, 6 x 6.5mm mixing tips. Rapid set (2:10) Ea. 77630 Sultan® Healthcare Genie® Putty Berry flavored. 2 x 300mL jars and 2 scoops. Rapid Set (2:30) 77650 Standard Set (4:30) 77655