Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 125 Instruments Clinical Supplies Fine/Medium/Coarse Pumice Medium / 3.5 lb. Jar 03476 Coarse / 3.5 lb. Jar 03417 Individual Cups Pumice Preppies Contains no flavoring agents, oils or fluoride. Leaves no residue. 2g cups. 100/pkg. 03400 Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste Enamel Pro contains 1.23% fluoride ion. 200/box Chocolate Hazelnut Medium 9007632 Coarse 9007633 Mixed Berry Fine 9007630 Medium 9007627 Coarse 9007631 Strawberry Fine 9007607 Medium 9007608 Coarse 9007609 Grape Fine 9007610 Medium 9007611 Coarse 9007612 Bubblegum Fine 9007614 Medium 9007615 Coarse 9007616 RaspberryMint Fine 9007620 Medium 9007621 Coarse 9007622 VanillaMint Fine 9007617 Medium 9007618 Coarse 9007619 Mint Fine 9007600 Medium 9007601 Coarse 9007602 Without Fluoride Mint Coarse 9007613 Comfy-grip™ Prophy Cup Holder Ergonomic cup holders for use with most prophy-paste cups and fluoride varnish applications. Autoclavable. 3/pkg. 9007650 Bur 118S Bur 118L Bur 218 Reliance®/Renew System Burs & Points 18 fluted friction grip mounted and designed to be the quickest, safest, method for bulk removal of all types of bonding adhesive after bracket removal. Ea. Bur #118S RSB Bur #218 RSB2 Bur #118L RSBL Bur #815 RSB815 Ball shaped ideal for lingual surface. Reliance® Points Will remove thin layers of adhesive, clean and polish the enamel with no damage. 12/pkg. Point #383 Friction Grip (high-speed) RSPFG Straight Handpiece (slow-speed) RSPHP Latch RSPL 88-A Short cutting surface with rounded end. Long cutting surface with rounded end. Long tapered cutting surface. Two Striper® Interproximal Diamond Bur Thin-shaped diamond for breaking interpoximal contact. Minor diameter 0.3mm, major diameter 1.5mm, abrasive length 5mm. Fine grit. 5/pkg. 2015054 Solo™ Interproximal Diamond Bur Always sharp, each diamond is engineered to provide a superior cut. Solo is pre-sterile to ensure convenient organization and workflow efficiency for you and your staff. Major diameter 1.5mm, abrasive length 5mm. Medium grit. 25/box 292016M