Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 123 Instruments Clinical Supplies Silicone Instrument Code Rings Suitable for all sterilization processes. 60/pkg. Regular 1/8” Large 1/4” Hand Instruments Pliers & Cutters Aqua 202CD-4X 205CD-4X Dark Blue 202CD-2X 205CD-2X Mauve 202CD-10 – Neon Yellow 202CD-3N 205CD-3N Red 202CD-5N 205CD-5N White 202CD-1 205CD-1 Code Ring Kits - Assorted colors Hand Instruments Regular - 80 pieces 202CD-A Pliers & Cutters Large - 80 pieces 205CD-A 110v Warm Air Tooth Dryer Removes excess tooth surface moisture. Ea. 300-501 Nozzle with elbow - Ea. 300-503 Dryer elbows - Ea. 300-504 Digital Caliper Precise measurements with easyto-read digital display. Durable stainless steel construction, metric/ Inch change over (true conversion), zero setting (zero setting at any position within the measuring range), measures external and internal dimensions, depth, and steps. Comes fully assembled and ready to use - includes (1) replacement battery and instructions. Ea. DIGICALIP Recommended for use with Platinum Proportion Archwires - see page 82. Spring Measuring Gauges Our exclusive TAD and CC Spring Measuring Gauges determine the spring size and force value needed. Landmark extensions are highlighted in red on side (A) and corresponding spring suggestions are on side (B). The hole in the gauge represents a spring eyelet or ligature and can be engaged over a hook or TAD screw to accurately measure distance between anchor points. 20/box CC measuring gauge CCOFMG TAD measuring gauge CCOTMG Overbite Ruler This aluminum ruler makes for easy measuring of overbite. Ea. OP-11-00 Millimeter Ruler Our unique double-sided 60mm or 80mm rulers feature a hole to engage a post or hook making space measurement quick, easy and accurate. 20/box 60mm ruler RULERMG 80mm ruler RULERMGG Hi-Speed Air King Push Button Handpiece Ea. 120-0344 Hi-Speed Air King Mini Push Button Handpiece Ea. 120-0344M Hi-Speed Air King Regular Handpiece Ea. 120-0360 Hi-Speed Air King Mini Standard Regular Handpiece Ea. 200-0030 Note: Not all instruments are available for Canadian or EU shipment.