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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 120 Clinical Supplies Instruments Mosquito Hemostat This locking hemostat has extremely fine tips for the engagement of ligature and chain elastics. The stainless steel has an aesthetic brushed satin finish. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Flat Tip, Ea. ISP-055 Hook Tip, Ea. ISP-062 Separating Plier This instrument is designed to stretch separating elastics for ease of placement between tooth contacts. The curved beaks allow for easy use in the posterior segment. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Ea. ISP-050 Separating Plier Features a spring-loaded adjustable stop to prevent overstretching for convenient separator placement. Compatible with any donut-type separator. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Ea. SEPPLR Boone Gauge This positioning device allows the orthodontist to precisely gauge proper bracket height during placement. (3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0) Metal - autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C. Ea. SSBRACG Zand Gauges Measure the desired millimeter distance from the incisal edge and mark the tooth with graphite prior to bracket placement to accurately align the bracket archwire slot mesiodistally and inciso-gingivally. Set of 8 markers, 2 sets of 4 ZDGGL10 Anterior: 3½mm, 4mm, 4½mm and 5mm Posterior Left: 4mm & 5mm Posterior Right: 4mm & 5mm Mathieu Hemostat Features small, highly serrated tips with the addition of a hook at the tip designed to avoid slippage when engaging elastic ties and chain. With Tungsten Carbide inserts. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Without Hook, Ea. ISP-996 With Hook, Ea. ISP-996H Narrow w/o Hook, Ea. MNHNT Mathieu Needle Holder Features serrated carbide tips to ensure grip and longevity. Springloaded opening requires just the right pressure for repeated use without hand fatigue. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Flat Tip, Ea. MNH100C Mosquito Hemostat Clicks to close for secure hold. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Flat Tip, Ea. MOSQUITO