Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® Standard Bracket Holder Reverse action holds brackets and tubes without finger pressure for easier bonding. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Ea. ISP-048 Reverse Action Bracket Placer Reverse action provides positive grip on brackets and other attachments during bonding procedures. Squeeze to release. Engage the opposing end of the anterior instrument in the bracket slot for final positioning. Stainless steel. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Anterior, Ea. BRPL010 Posterior, Ea. BRPL020 Fine Tip Bracket Tweezer Fine, angled tips allow for precise positioning. Light reverse action allows for easy removal of the instrument after placement of the attachment. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Ea. ISP-056 Deluxe Bracket Holder This reverse action stainless steel tweezer holds brackets and buccal tubes with thin, angled tips which are designed to slip under bracket and tube tie wings. It is ideal for miniature attachments. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Ea. ISP-057 Bracket Holder with Bracket Aligner Reverse stainless steel tweezer incorporates a bracket aligner on the opposite end. this double ended instrument makes correct bracket placement easier by using the alignment tip in the archwire slot and adjusting alignment. It can also be used for flash removal. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Ea. ISP-060 Keat Buccal Tube Tweezer The curved body of the tweezer provides an unobstructed view for easy and precise placement of buccal tubes. Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C Short handle, Ea. ISP-070 Long handle, Ea. KBTPLG Reverse action, Ea. KBTPSHR Bracket Height Gauge Incorporates a precision bar to seat in archwire slot at 3.5, 4, 4.5, or 5mm distance from occlusal rest to accurately position brackets during bonding. Made of aluminum. Available in .018 or .022 versions. .018 ea. BRKTPOS018 .022 ea. BRKTPOS022 Posterior Bond Placer Designed for precise placement of posterior bonded attachments. Anodized aluminum with a small head to allow a wide field of vision. Serrated tips. Ea. BRPL050S Posterior Anterior 119 Instruments Clinical Supplies