Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 117 Instruments Clinical Supplies Posterior Band Removing Pliers The plastic pad rests on the occlusal surface of the molar, which places the removing tip in the perfect position to catch the gingival edge of the band. Ea. IPL1-022 Replacement plastic pads, 3/pkg. IRT1-01 Adhesive Remover Pliers Designed to remove direct bond brackets quickly and comfortably. The plastic pad rests against the incisal/occlusal edge of the tooth to provide leverage. The sharp tip fits under the bracket flange. Can also be used to remove remaining adhesive. Ea. IPL1-023 Replacement plastic pads, 6/pkg. IRT1-02 Bird Beak Pliers The most popular and versatile pliers for working with round wire up to 0.30” (0.76mm) in diameter. The round beak is precision ground to a perfect cone, .025” (0.64mm) at the tip. The beaks are parallel at .020” (0.51mm) opening. Long Tips Ea. IPL1-026 Short Tips Ea. IPL1-027 Light Wire Pliers Longer, more gradually tapered beaks than the Bird Beak Pliers (IPL1027). The longer beaks make it easier to bend small diameter loops. For wires up to .016” (0.41mm) Long Ea. IPL1-030 Direct Bond Bracket Removing Pliers (Angled) Designed for fast, safe and comfortable removal of direct bond brackets. The angled tip allows for easy access to difficult anterior and posterior areas. Ea. IPL1-035 Hook Crimping Pliers Designed to crimp auxiliary stops, hooks and posts to archwires. The slotted design fits over the base of the hook while holding it tight during crimping. Ea. IPL1-042 Stop “V” Bend Pliers Designed for making 1mm “V” bends to shorten archwires or provide a positive stop. For wires up to .019” x .025” Ea. IPL1-045 Wire Contouring Pliers The smooth inner surface allows for subtle contouring and forming of archwires. Forms without scoring or torquing. Perfect for accentuated curves. For wires up to .022” x .028” (.025 x .071mm) Ea. IPL1-048 Hollow Chop Pliers This contouring plier’s mated concave and convex jaws are useful in reshaping archwires and forming palatal arches. For round wire .014” - .036” For rectangular wire .022” - .028” Ea. IPL1-049 Finishing Pliers Special double-sided offset head forms bayonet bends. Forms righthand or left-hand step-up or stepdown bends. For wires up to .021” x .025” 1/4 mm Ea. IPL1-051.025 1/2 mm Ea. IPL1-051.050 3/4 mm Ea. IPL1-051.075 1 mm Ea. IPL1-051.100 1/4 mm 1/2 mm 3/4 mm 1 mm Make bends without removing the wire!