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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 116 Clinical Supplies Extraoral Weingart Utility Pliers Special features incorporated in Paragon™ Weingart style pliers make this one of the most popular. Matching serrated tips hold wires firmly at a convenient working angle. Carefully tapered beaks fit easily between brackets and are rounded for safety and comfort. Holds wire up to .022” x .028” (0.56 x 0.71mm) Ea. IPL1-013 Tweed Style Arch Forming Pliers This plier is ideal for bending square and rectangular wire. Edges are radiused and hardened to prevent wire scoring and to preserve a smooth contact area with the wire. Blades are parallel when opened to .010 to ensure accurate 90° bends. Bends wire up to .022” x .028” (0.56 x 0.71mm) .075” (1.9mm) Ea. IPL1-009 .050” (1.2mm) Ea. IPL1-010 Weingart Utility Pliers (Slim) An efficient utility plier similar to model IPL1-013 but with specially designed narrow tips for better intraoral accessibility. Holds wire up to .022” x .028” (0.56 x 0.71mm) Ea. IPL1-012 Weingart Pliers (Angled) Similar to the IPL1-013 but with 45° angled tips. Matching serrated tips hold wires firmly at a convenient working angle. Holds wire up to .022” x .028” (0.56 x 0.71mm) Ea. IPL1-014 HOW Utility Pliers A versatile utility plier with long tapered tips. The 2.0mm diameter tips are serrated to prevent slippage. The tips are rounded for patient comfort and safety. Ea. IPL1-015 HOW Utility Pliers (Angled) Similar to the IPL1-015 but with 45° angled tips and 2.0mm gripping pads for convenient access to lingual and other difficult to reach areas. Ea. IPL1-016 Jaraback Pliers Ideal for precise bending of light wires. Precision grooves assure accurate bending and closing loops. Flat tip is serrated for firm gripping. For wires up to .020” (0.51mm) Ea. IPL1-017 Three Jaw Pliers Precision aligned tips are gently rounded for consistent contouring and bending without damaging the archwire. One-piece construction of the double tip ensures superior strength. For wires up to (.036” (0.91mm) Ea. IPL1-020 Tweed Loop Forming Pliers Ideal for making consistent, uniform loops. Tip has three sections of .045”, .065”, and .090” with matte finish to prevent wire slippage. For use with round and square wires up to .021” x .025” (0.55 x 0.64mm) Ea. IPL1-021