Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 113 Bonding Clinical Supplies Standard Facebows Standard Facebows in bright stainless steel. Five sizes plus Universal - Available in short or medium outer bow sizes. Safety Release Modules Three force ranges to provide dependable retraction. Specially designed retention clip releases at 4-5 lbs. of outward force for patient safety. 5 pairs per pkg. Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Universal (83mm) (90mm) (97mm) (104mm) (111mm) Black CCFB101 CCFB201 CCFB301 CCFB401 CCFB501 CCFB001 Blue CCFB102 CCFB202 CCFB302 CCFB402 CCFB502 CCFB002 White CCFB103 CCFB203 CCFB303 CCFB403 CCFB503 CCFB003 Orange CCFB104 CCFB204 CCFB304 CCFB404 CCFB504 CCFB004 Dark Green CCFB105 CCFB205 CCFB305 CCFB405 CCFB505 CCFB005 Lime Green CCFB106 CCFB206 CCFB306 CCFB406 CCFB506 CCFB006 Yellow – – CCFB307 CCFB407 – CCFB007 Purple – CCFB208 CCFB308 CCFB408 CCFB508 CCFB008 Pink CCFB109 CCFB209 CCFB309 CCFB409 CCFB509 CCFB009 u G&H® recommends using facebows only with properly designed safety release systems to prevent potential harm to patients. *Size measurements are made distal to the omega loop to distal of the other loop along the inner bow. Universal Facebows Facebows w/preformed omega loop - sizes 1-5 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Universal (83mm) (90mm) (97mm) (104mm) (111mm) Black CCLB101 CCLB201 CCLB301 CCLB401 CCLB501 CCLB001 Blue CCLB102 CCLB202 CCLB302 CCLB402 CCLB502 CCLB002 White CCLB103 CCLB203 CCLB303 CCLB403 CCLB503 CCLB003 Orange CCLB104 – CCLB304 CCLB404 CCLB504 CCLB004 Dark Green CCLB105 CCLB205 CCLB305 CCLB405 CCLB505 CCLB005 Lime Green CCLB106 CCLB206 – – – CCLB006 Yellow CCLB107 CCLB207 CCLB307 CCLB407 CCLB507 CCLB007 Purple CCLB108 CCLB208 CCLB308 – – CCLB008 Pink CCLB110 CCLB210 CCLB310 CCLB410 CCLB510 CCLB010 Red CCLB111 CCLB211 CCLB311 CCLB411 CCLB511 CCLB011 Universal Lip Bumpers Note: All lip bumpers have ligation hooks. Lip Bumpers w/preformed omega loop - sizes 1-5 *Sizes are measured from distal of the omega loop to distal of the other loop. Short Medium Outer Bow Outer Bow SIZE 1 (83mm) STFBSH01 STFB01 SIZE 2 (90mm) STFBSH02 STFB02 SIZE 3 (97mm) STFBSH03 STFB03 SIZE 4 (104mm) STFBSH04 STFB04 SIZE 5 (111mm) STFBSH05 STFB05 UNIVERSAL STFBSH00 STFB00 Universal Facebow pictured Short vs. Medium Outer Facebow = approximately 12mm difference 450 gr 600 gr 750 gr Dark Blue SRDB450 SRDB600 SRDB750 Black SRBK450 SRBK600 SRBK750 Sold individually Sold individually (2) per pkg. Color Coated Facebows Color Coated Facebows have a durable color coating to resist peeling, cracking and discoloration. Available in five inner bow sizes*. Medium outer bow size, .045” diameter wire. Lip Bumpers Lip Bumpers are precision shaped to relieve lip and cheek pressures and allow teeth to unravel quickly. Bumpers feature colored lip pad and include small ligating hooks for securing in place. Sizes 1-5* and Universal, .045” diameter wire.