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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 112 Clinical Supplies Extraoral Extraoral Elastics 1/2” Bulk Pouches of 1,000 elastics in natural rubber latex 8 oz. AX012B 16 oz. AXH12B See all Elastics on pages 88-96. Protraction Face Mask The adaptability of the G&H® Adjustable Protraction Face Mask allows for directional force application by adjusting the elastics engagement bar to deliver protractive force in the desired plane. Fully adjustable forehead and chin rests allow for adaptation to most patient’s anatomical structure. The angle of traction is then determined by adjusting the elastics engagement bar to deliver horizontal, upward or downward forces as necessary. Face mask adjustments are made with an Allen wrench (2mm Allen wrench included). Padded forehead and chin rests offer comfort for extended wear and may be cleaned. Traction force application recommends 1/2” elastics with 16 oz. pull ratings, but alternate elastics may be used if differing forces are desired. Large - 10 1⁄ 4” vert. supp. bar Ea. PFMLG Replacement Parts Protraction Face Mask Chin Cup w/2 pads PFM001 Forehead Piece PFM002 Allen Wrench (2mm) PFA Replacement Pads PFMRP Includes (2) Forehead & (2) Chin Cup Reverse Pull Face Mask The Reverse Pull Face Mask is available in two sizes and offers comfortable anchorage for protraction. The stainless steel frame is softened chin and forehead pads to minimize irritation and maximize patient acceptance. Facemasks allow for patient customization. All adjustments are made with an Allen wrench (1.5mm Allen wrench included with each mask). Both masks include: 2 forehead pads, 2 chin pads, replacement screws & Allen wrench. Small RPFMSM Large RPFMLG Replacement Parts Reverse Pull Face Mask Replacement Pads RPFMP Includes (1) Forehead & (1) Chin Pad Closeup of adjuster