Catalog | G&H® Orthodontics (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: G&H Orthodontics® 107 Bonding Clinical Supplies Nola Dry Field Kit The Nola Dry Field System completely eliminates saliva and fully exposes both arches making it ideal for all bonding applications. Autoclavable. Kits contain: Cheek Retractor, Suction Connections, Tongue Guard, Tubing. Kits Child, Red (ea.) 300-400 Adult, White (ea.) 300-401 Component Parts Tongue Guard, Lg., White (ea.) 300-403 Tongue Guard, Sm., Red, (ea.) 300-413 Retractor, Lg., White (ea.) 300-406 Retractor, Sm., Red, (ea.) 300-414 Lip Retractor, Adult, (ea.) 300-612 Low Volume Adapt., 4/pkg. 300-419 High Volume Adapt., 4/pkg. 300-420 Y-Connectors, 4/pkg. 300-408 Silicone Tubing, 10/pkg. 300-412 Flexible Connector, Lg. (ea.) 300-405 Note: Cheek retractor ends disassemble from bow for easy cleaning. Disposable Bracket Tray 25/pkg. Aqua BT2003-4T Blue BT2003-2X White BT2003-1 Bracket Tray Holder Holds 10 trays • Organizes brackets for each patient • Good for transporting • Economical • Dimesions: 6 1 ⁄4” H x 6 1 ⁄2” W x 3”D Ea. Smoke 1013 NOTE: SmartBond® is a filled cyanoacrylate base adhesive. Care should be taken in dispensing, use and storage to avoid unintended adhesion. Refrigerated storage of SmartBond® recommended. SmartBond is a registered trademark by Gestenco International AB, Sweden. SmartBond® Instant cyanoacrylate adhesive Mini-kit 3g (Includes 20 tips) SM-000 Economy Kit 6g (two 3g) (Includes 40 tips) SM-001 Trial Kit 1g (Includes 10 tips) (does not include etch or microbrushes) SM-010 Refill Syringe 3g SM-002 SmartBond® Adhesive SmartBond® is a true one-step adhesive that bonds in a wet field. In fact, SmartBond® adhesive is activated only when it contacts moisture. Teeth are cleaned and etched for bonding as usual, but when the etchant is rinsed off, the next step is to bond. There is no drying, no sealants and there is no dry field to maintain. SmartBond® activation begins when a bondable attachment is delivered to the tooth and the adhesive contacts wet enamel. Five-second working time, five-minute bond set. Bond High Cuspids Successfully with SmartBond®! SmartBond® Component Parts Luer Lock Tips (18 gauge - 40 per box) SM-005 Micro-Brushes (box of 50) SM-004 WET FIELD BONDING ETCH THE TOOTH RINSE THOROUGHLY APPLY ADHESIVE SPARINGLY ALIGN BRACKET ON WET SURFACE or GREAT REFERRAL FOR ORAL SURGEONS! 400 total brushes MBAS400 Microbrushes deliver just the right amount of liquid directly where desired, without waste. Four-pack assorted colors: one each of green, purple, orange and blue. Microbrush® is a registered trademark of Microbrush Companion Products Eruption Appliance Extrusion Hook w/Chain Bondable to cuspids impacted palatally or labially. 1” (approx.) traction chain swings freely within the eyelet. .022” inner diameter chain can be tied to the archwire with elastic thread or tubing to provide traction in the desired direction. 3.5mm diameter (flat) - 80 gauge foil mesh base assures reliable bonding, low profile limits irritation, 24k gold and titanium nitride-coated hook & chain reduces possibility of allergic reactions. Ea. EXHK14K APPLY WITH SYRINGE OR MICROBRUSH DO NOT DRY!