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G&H Orthodontics® (800) 526-1026 | +1 317-346-6655 | Email: 106 Clinical Supplies Bonding Cheek Retractor • Soft material for patient comfort • Full function design • Includes handles which may be held by the patient • Effective for intra-oral photos as well as bonding Autoclavable - 134°C-273°F Max. Ea. CR-00-01 Cheek Retractor Assure accessibility throughout the oral cavity. Stainless steel bow provides comfort and durability. Intraoral extensions fully retract cheeks. Dry heat and autoclave compatible. Autoclavable - 177°C-350°F Max. Adult (ea.) CH1 Pediatric (ea.) CH2 Cheek Retractor Extraoral, autoclavable. Adult (ea.) EXO-2S Pediatric (ea.) EXO-1 TLC Retractor Tongue, Lips & Cheek - designed to maximize intraoral exposure for any treatment procedure. Lips and cheeks are retracted simultaneously while the tongue is blocked. Soft material and gentle force insures patient comfort. Autoclavable - 127°C-260°F Max. 2/pkg. TLC Cheek & Tongue Retractor A classic design provides comfortable cheek retraction while blocking the tongue. Available in two materials. Disposable Large (Red) 10/pkg. EX-9006-L Cheek Retractor Double-Ended, Autoclavable to 250° F, Clear, 2/pkg. Adult 2/pkg. EX-9004 Pedo 2/pkg. EX-9005 Gingival Lip Retractor Designed to provide vertical (gingival) lip retraction. Autoclavable - 134°C-273°F Max. 2/pkg. Adult LR-00-01 Pediatric LR-00-02 Cheek Retractor Autoclavable, 2/pkg. Large 1 7/ 8"x 4 5/ 8" EX-9002 Small 1 5/ 8"x 4 1/ 4" EX-9003 Disposable Mouth Props 48/pkg. Small 1 3/ 8"x 1 3/ 8" EX-9060 Medium 1 1/ 2"x 1 5/ 8" EX-9050 Large 1 5/ 8"x 1 7/ 8" EX-9040 Lip & Cheek Retractors Anatomic design with cushioned lip-supports that position lips away from anterior teeth and gums. Autoclavable, latex-free. 2/pkg. Small (blue) 9061383 Universal (white) 9061381 Cushion refills (10) 9061382